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Railway Trolly

Enjoy the adventure with the “RAILWAY TROLLY ”
- the so-called “DRAISINE”
Driving season daily from 1st April until 31st October

Absolute Fun - ‘all along the line’!
Use the ‘Bike Railway Trolly’ (Draisine) to see the beautiful countryside and to go into the valleys of Exter and Weser. The route starts in Rinteln and reaches over a total length of 18 km. (A gradient of approx. 11 m/per km to be considered on the outward journey). You can stop wherever you want to in order to do sightseeing in the near of the track or to have a picnic, whatever you prefer. “Parking spaces” are available - or the trolly is lifted out of the track (weight: approx. 90 kgs) and put aside.
Return journey at 14.oo h, otherwise there will be frontal crashes.
More detailed information under: HTTP://www.draisinen.de

Start:            after 9.oo to 12.oo h
Return journey:    14.oo h (no matter, wherever you are on the line)

The “Draisine” railway trollies have to be returned until 17.oo h at the latest.

Our service for your stay:
•    Welcome drink upon your arrival
•    2 (two) overnight stays in our Lifestyle hotel rooms with a widely selected breakfast buffet
•    2 (two) dinners being served as three-course menus
•    1 (one) day adventure “Draisine” trip

Two overnight stays:

Per person € 210,00 in a double room without balcony
Per person € 220,00 in a double room with balcony
Per person € 230,00 in the Junior Suite

Surcharge for single rooms have to be inquired.
Daily arrival (Season April – October)!

Extension night inclusive breakfast buffet
Per person in a double room € 35,00 for Sunday nights
Per person in a double room € 65,00 for all other nights
Per person in the Juniorsuite € 55,00 for Sunday nights
Per person in the Juniorsuite € 75,00 for all other nights


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mail: info@waldkater.com


Our gastronomy is daily open from 12 until 23 h

Warm kitchen daily from 12 until 14:30 h and from 18 until 22 h
In the afternoon small menu with cold dishes

We recommend a reservation for dinner as well as for lunch on Sundays!