In the year 1886, the “Waldkaterhäuschen” (meaning the “THE FOREST’S TOMCAT COTTAGE”) could be found in the annals of Rinteln for the first time. Below the ‘Luhdener cliffs’, hikers and strollers had found a place where they could have a break and get refreshments while sitting on simple oak benches next to a little timber house. It cannot be traced to whom the witty name “Waldkaterhäuschen” did occur. The former so-called “Verschönerungsverein” (meaning the “Embellishment Organzination”) decided on 22nd October, 1905 to build a restaurant at that popular place.

The ceremonial laying of the foundation stone was on 23rd May, 1906. The former pharmacist and chairman of the Embellishment Organization, Mr. Hermann OPITZ read out a memorable charter to read as follows:
“…May this house which was built by general request and located at such a nice place of quiet not only be a home for the residents of our town who want to indulge in this beautiful oakwood and to relax after their trials and tribulations of everyday life and to refresh themselves with a good draught, - but also for the stranger visiting our lovely “Wesertal” (Weser valley) who should receive a marvelous hospitality so that he departs again with the greatest reluctance and that he will be full of praise for this wonderful place on his return to his native country! ….”

On 2nd June, 1907, the tourist restaurant “DER WALDKATER” (meaning the “FOREST’s TOMCAT”) was opened solemnly. In the second World War, the tenants had to vacate the restaurant which was occupied by the ally. Afterwards the house was empty for a long time. The equipment and furniture were carried off.

It was only in 1952 that they made a new start. In the year 1958, the embellishment organization decided to entirely transfer the running of the house to private individuals. The Kleinschmidt family took over the tourist place being excellently suitable for a destination of outings. Thirty years later, the house was taken over by the beverage company PRIHA and subjected to a general overhaul.

The new “WALDKATER” was founded in 1988/1989 where the first local brewery of Rinteln moved in. Since then the house enjoys an excellent reputation due to its gastronomy and hotel and conference business.



Ringhotel "Der Waldkater"

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Our gastronomy is daily open from 12 until 23 h

Warm kitchen daily from 12 until 14:30 h and from 18 until 22 h
In the afternoon small menu with cold dishes

We recommend a reservation for dinner as well as for lunch on Sundays!