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Leisure Time Activities

A wide range of leisure activities can be offered, such as



The “WALDKATER” is an ideal starting point for your walks through the hilly Weser scenery. The nearby located cliff tower “Klippenturm”, “Porta Westfalica’ as well as the “Schaumburg” are only some of the delightful and lovely places of your destination in this magnificent countryside.


Jogging / Nordic Walking

Just leave the Hotel and go right inside the woods where ideal conditions are guaranteed!


Bike Riding / Cycle Tours

The “Weser cycle track” leading directly through Rinteln

Organized rides right across the “Schaumburg’s Landscape” - for example the “Park and Garden”, the so-called “Prince Tour” or the “Industrial History of Schaumburg”

Bike Rental at the “Doktorsee” or at the tourist-info Rinteln (e-bikes), both approx. 3 km away


Railway trolley  (approx. 4 km away)

Absolute Fun - ‘all along the line’!

Use the ‘Bike Railway Trolley’ (= Draisine) to see the beautiful countryside and to go into the valleys of Exter and Weser. The route starts in Rinteln and reaches over a total length of 18 km. (A gradient of approx. 11 m/per km to be considered on the outward journey). You can stop wherever you want to in order to do sightseeing in the near of the track or to have a picnic, whatever you prefer. “Parking spaces” are available - or the trolly is lifted out of the track (weight: approx. 90 kgs) and put aside.

Start-Time between 9 and 11:30 h. Return journey at 14 h, otherwise there will be frontal crashes. The trolleys have to be returned until 17.oo h at the latest.

More detailed information under : HTTP://www.draisinen.de


Play Skittles / Go Bowling

The leisure activities center of Rinteln disposes of 2 skittle-alleys and totally 10 bowling lanes (approx. 1 km away).


Go Swimming / Water sports

The recreation area ‘Doktorsee’ will give you the chance to relax on the  bathing beach; here you can also go surfing, rowing and sailing.
(approx. 3 km away).

Apart from the bathing beach, the Weser leisure center “Kalletal-Varenholz” offers a lot of other activities, e.g. surfing, water-skiing, pedal-boat trips etc. (approx. 8 km away)

The indoor swimming pool of Rinteln (approx. 4 km away).


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